Evening all! Four days of non-stop website upgrades! Most of it utterly boring like styling the checkout and getting the buttons to look the same on all pages. The dross that has to be done! But what does it mean for you? Well, it is prettier, faster and easier to buy stuff! So please, be my guest.

The old couple that live above the shop have painted their door to match the Schofield pallet! It is a small thing but pleases me greatly. Hats off to the home-made sign too. Absolutely wonderful!

The British made Strange Lights as seen on the home page! We still have them in stock and lately the Not Quite Green has overtaken the Red by at least one parsec! However, the Not Quite Red is the one for me.

We have had a flurry of accessory activity with P-2s and WAPHTTT Boxes finding new homes. We have both items in stock. The P-2 can be customised from a nib/rollerball/fine liner perspective. The WAPHTTTB are freshly stocked and ready to go.

Silk tie straps in the Buoys Club – we still have some. They caused a stir of excitement last week and many Schofield watches are now suited and booted! Visit the Buoys Club now to see what treasure remains.

The Signalman Bare Bones. It is almost a throwback but the good news is we are making just a few more… Same dials but slightly different case arrangements. If you are interested to know more then email in 🙂