Evening all. Some new treasure this week! But only for the Buoys Club. I could not resist in showing you this, to tempt you over… I bought some vintage silk ties at auction, the likes of Dior, Liberty, Hermes and numerous makers from Savile Row and had them made into Schofield straps! They are really something! Very Limited with a tie only yielding two straps. All are Uni size, all lined with indigo calf leather, Old Skool, magical, wonderful. Head to the Club now!

2. Last week’s new strap again. Crepuscular tweed, this time with an orange buckle.

3. Buckles! We have orange, red and Jesse James Blue in stock. Our ceramic coated buckles are £66 each. Email us and we can – subject to stock – post immediately.

4. Treasure Watch time! All the details can be found here. You choose (with our help) your Treasure Hoard that serialises your watch, we make the case back, just for you. We build it. You choose a strap to fit and we ship out! Pure gold! Well not quite.

5. You can see The Riverside Store in this photo if you look hard enough down by the river. It brought to mind this lyric… Some of you will know it.
She could drag me over the rainbow
And send me away…

6. There is an interview with me on Tempus Fugit, a kind of transcription style I would say. I am not sure there is anything new in there for long-time Pips readers but if you are game…