Six Pips

  • Marker case back cool watches


    Staying with the whole sci-fi theme, and not for one second are we a science fiction themed watch company! This case back was designed to look like an air-lock hatch opening mechanism, you know, layers of metal rings. A way of showing off the movement in a simple way. It is very tempting to over-fuss the movement holder, but not

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  • Black Quadrant leather

    The Quadrant leather must have!

    Strap focus. The Quadrant leather. It is essential! Not as black as black more like 90% black. Little raised pyramids on specially treated leather. Lined with India Rubber and embossed with Schofield logos. SCHOFIELD STRAPS

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  • Telemark X-Ray

    Telemark X-ray on Moon

    The X-ray! On a Red Moon Strap. This watch is limited to only 10 (as rare as a blue moon) and we have just one left. Why make only 10? Well, there is a story… Our intention was to make more, or at least be able to make more but the dial/date-disc makers went ‘under’ after manufacturing the first run.

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    Schofield’s New Fountain Pen

    I don’t want you to be disappointed or even raise those brows even a little, so I am going to explain why the new Schofield-P2 (the new pen) is £426. This is what happens in chronological order; we commission the custom acrylic, the black version contains diamond dust to give a 3d nebulous effect (read expensive – $). These little

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  • Schofield cool watches

    Daymark Time again 🙂

    Daymark time! Just another shot to remind you how cool the Daymark is. On a black OMI strap it is perfection!SCHOFIELD WATCHES

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    Blacklamp Glowing

    A little carbon fibre time! I’m thinking of composites daily at the moment. How often do you think about composite materials, autoclaves and matrices? It’s the Blacklamp. SCHOFIELD’S WATCHES

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  • Herdwick Tweed straps

    Herdwick Tweed in focus

    Strap focus. Herdwick Tweed. Fuzzy little friends. Green underside.

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  • Pen manufacture

    Pen manufacture

    Evening all! It’s not that I’m lying when I say next week it will be ready, I honestly think it will be. This is true not just for pens but for any manufacture, so I will stop saying next week… In two weeks the pen will be ready to order! Yes, I’m sure of it. Here is a pic of

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  • Genius artwork

    Schofield artwork

    This image should intrigue you. A little show of things to come. You have seen the new RT caseback but the others not yet unless you have been checking out the UNDERCURRENTS.UK blog. I’m wondering if there is anywhere further I could render these little artworks? Perhaps a coin, postcard or other metal thingy? If you have any idea, let

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  • Bronze Beater.

    Bronze Watches

    As bronze may be much beautified By lying in the dark damp soil, So men who fade in dust of warfare fade Fairer, and sorrow blooms their soul. Like pearls which noble women wear And, tarnishing, awhile confide Unto the old salt sea to feed, Many return more lustrous than they were. But what of them buried profound, Buried where

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