Six Pips

  • Yellow Suede watch strap

    Cracking yellow watch strap and orange buckle!

    A really little thing but fit it to a yellow strap and you have something cracking. SCHOFIELD STRAPS

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  • Schofield watch screwdrivers

    Must have drivers!

    Finally the Drivers – a must have accessory for any strap connoisseur! The Strap Kit in Pip one can come with or without these or you can buy them on their own. SCHOFIELD DRIVERS

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  • Schofield watches

    Covid 19 isolation distractions

    Evening all! Pleasant distractions tonight. Let’s start with the Daymark. Photographed by the great Jim Holden, Jim is helping out with some of the photos that I simply cannot do myself. This is what the Daymark actually looks like. What I mean is, this photo gets all the details, the crown and the case profile. The dial depth and crystal

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  • Carbon Pen tube

    Schofield Pen based on 2001

    The Schofield P2 fountain pen –  here is the carbon fibre carry tube. The P2 does not come in a presentation box, instead I wanted something useful! A super light, slimline tube with colour coded ends. This way you can safely carry the pen about without extra bulk and weight. Plus it is super on point with the 2001 A

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  • Red pen badge

    Pen Badge

    This is the badge in the barrel end of the pen – the booster. A simple design with a subtle nod to HAL. The pen was designed to have ‘forward momentum’ like a spaceship and so the little enamel badge was never going to be branded. Schofield P-2 is engraved on the side.

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  • Schofield P-2 Fountain Pens

    Schofield’s new fountain pens

    Here we see the lot. The unusual red lacquered nib, the flutes milled into the barrel, the tube and end plugs.

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  • Bronze Beater watch

    Blue Moon strap – Blue dial watch

    Bronze Beater B3 – patinated case. On a Blue Moon strap.

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  • Rust Millican watch strap

    Strap Focus – Rusty

    Strap focus. Rust Millican! A classic from the Schofield & Cudd collection. We have some in stock and ready to go. The watch too 🙂

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  • Giles Ellis Schofield CEO

    Giles Ellis, Schofield Watch Company Limited

    We are back! 20 days of isolation after my family and I are 99% sure we have had COVID-19. Of course we cannot be 100% sure until an antibody test. Suffice to say we are well. I have a friend who is a professor of critical care medicine, medical ethics and anaesthesiology at the University of Alberta, Canada. He loved

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  • Orange Knives

    Little Orange Knife

    I have been Instagramming when I can, using the header ‘Pleasant distractions’, let’s keep the PIPS that way. I have some orange friction folders for sale. I know they are expensive, but if you held it you would see why. Email if you are interested – I will post next week. Details are on the Buoys Club page… Here. BUOYS

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