I have to be straight with you (when am I not?) – running a watch company is not sock-less loafers, models and Lamborghinis each and every day! I would like to be acknowledged as a fourth Dan in plate spinning and there is no greater enemy to a perfectionist than time. In juggling the multi-faceted sides of Schofield I am often forced to move quickly through the activity I love the most, the design. With a renewed vigour and a new pledge that Schofield is not permitted to rush through the virtues of the brand. I have spent 4 hours on a new sticker, 2 days on new box papers and a week or so on a new box, hours of sampling stock for envelopes, compliment cards, ephemera and FSC recycled papers – the list goes on. In full flow I am as happy as a clam. and can’t wait for you to see this hard work.