27th July 2018 SWC
Mandy Barker Tide Time Artwork
A renewed vigour for our environmental responsibility (which requires constant assessment) means that we have decided to reintroduce a run of Mandy Barker prints available exclusively for our Buoys Club members. Mandy Barker is an award winning photographic artist who exhibits throughout the world. The print was originally done in collaboration with Schofield and highlights environmental issues surrounding dispersed plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. It challenges the viewer to understand the problem and to become actively engaged in helping work towards changing it. 
You cannot see the detail in the image above but things to look out for include: Schofield Signalman dials, Smartie lids that spell out ‘Tide Time’, Burgeon screwdrivers, brass box knobs, carbon fibre elements, Acme whistles, a handkerchief and more plastic than you can poke a plastic stick at.