Episode 4- A Day at Schofield HQ

Episode 4- A Day at Schofield HQ
1st October 2018 Schofield
Podcast Episode 4


Giles Ellis answers six questions on the subject A Day at Schofield HQ, taking a look at the inner workings of Schofield Watch Company and the people behind the brand.

In this, the fourth of a new series of podcasts produced by Schofield Watch Company, Giles answers the following six questions:

  1. When do you get into the office and what do you get down to straight away?
  2. What percentages of different tasks make up an average day?
  3. What happens when someone places an order for a watch?
  4. What happens when people pop in?
  5. Do you ever go out and visit your suppliers or potential customers?
  6. Talk to me about Thursdays…

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If you have any questions for us which may be included in future episodes then please contact us at social(at)schofieldwatchcompany.com.