29th May 2018 Schofield
Schofield Questions page

Whilst we’re not dissuading you from contacting us with even the most seemingly insignificant of questions, we believe it is in the world’s best interests to answer some of them on our website. Much of the watch industry prides itself on obfuscation, whereas we prefer to illuminate from the outset. We are the beam of light, shining through the fog and the rain. As we’ve said before, if you’re drifting, let us bring you ashore. Below are a few pearls of wisdom, click the links to find out more.


“This is one of those easy-hard jobs. It’s hard because you have to go at it with two screwdrivers at the same time opposing each other. But it’s easy because there is a method that, when followed, works very well and with a very low risk of scratching your watch…”

How to clean a bronze watch

“…When you buy a bronze watch, such as the Bronze Beater Batch 2 with a raw or patinated finish, you know that it will change as time goes by, the blotches and spots of patination gradually altering the colour and texture of the watch. However, what do you do if you want to get it back to the metal so that it can start the oxidative process again?…”

How to get your watch ceramic coated

“…The advantages of a ceramic or PVD watch coating? Firstly, its ‘traditional matte’ is the coating that is in the lowest band of gloss that is possible to attain by modern standards. In terms of scratch resistance it is, again, right at one end of the spectrum as it clocks in at a 9H in the Pencil Hardness Test used for coatings which is the most scratch resistant that a coating can be rated…”