How to change a watch strap

How to change a watch strap
22nd May 2018 Schofield
How to change a watch strap

This is one of those easy-hard jobs. It’s hard because you have to go at it with two screwdrivers at the same time opposing each other. But it’s easy because there is a method that, when followed, works very well and with a very low risk of scratching your watch. We will put a video here in due course but below is a step-by-step guide to how to change a watch strap.

What you will need: to be calm, no alcohol in your bloodstream, no distractions, a little time, two times 2.5mm screwdrivers, one times 1.6mm screwdriver and some lug protection.

Have your new strap ready and your watch in front of you. Note that when Schofield watches are delivered the screw head that unscrews from the strap bar assembly is on the crown side of the watch. In short, everything that turns is on the same side of the watch. It is these screws that you need to remove.

  1. Using Schofield lug protection is optional but recommended. Four lug protection stickers will protect all four lugs. Use Schofield lug protection by aligning the stickers over the screws. This exposes the screw head while masking the lugs from accidental scratching.
  2. Turn the watch upside down and make sure that the crown side of the watch (the screws that undo) are on the same side as your favoured hand.
  3. With your other hand, using one of the 2.5mm screwdrivers, put it into the screw head and anchor your hand solidly. We do this by putting the forefinger on the case back of the watch.
  4. Repeat on the crown side of the watch but this time undoing the screws. Keep going until they drop out. This is the end of the hard bit.
  5. Using the 1.6mm screwdriver push out the lug bar by inserting it into the void left by the removed screws.
  6. Adding the new strap is easier and a reversal of the above process. However, there are specific tricks that will help you do the job efficiently. When attaching the new strap, do so by sliding it onto the screw bar when it is inserted halfway through the first hole. You can kick it out a bit by pulling the screw head end backwards.
  7. To locate the screw bar end into the other lug, we recommend turning the watch on its side looking straight down the side of the lug whilst trying to see the lug bar poke through the strap. Use the cloth on the edge of the table and push the whole assembly downwards which forces the lug bar into the hole.
  8. Drop in the screws and using your finger instead of a screwdriver, anchor the lug bar, screwing in comfortably the loose screw. Be sure not to overtighten.
  9. If it needs to be tightened further then repeat process 3 in reverse.

And there you have it, how to change a watch strap in 9 easy-to-follow, stages,