Do you remember this book? Masquerade by Kit Williams. Another truly incredible story which you can read about here…

I had this book growing up and thought it was magical. I think somebody should choose Masquerade Treasure for their Treasure Watch.

2. The Treasure Watch has been an absolute pleasure in the making. Right now, I am preparing artwork for those that have chosen their hoards. Some of the latest include, Crondall Hoard, Traprain Hoard, Castle Esplanade Hoard, Staffordshire Hoard and Broighter Hoard. All such wonderful words. If you don’t know where to start we can choose for you 🙂 BTW have you written Staffordshire with a fountain pen? I find the ’Sh’ ligature in our shires an absolute joy.

3. Which brings me to the P-2, here a green ebonite, limited, Stargate version. We have most P-2s in stock as either fountain pen or roller ball. Did I mention that a chap who works for Grand Seiko said the P-2 was a perfect product! 🙂

4. It really is upon us now. We still have time to ship stuff out before Christmas. Even something as large as the WAPHTTTB. There are only a few of these treasure boxes left and we will not make more. It is a large table-top display box with four glass windows and a decorated steel plate in a slanted lid. A total of 10 watches or 15 pens can be displayed with interchangeable cedar blocks that fit into the 5 internal partitions. The whole box can be screwed down and the lid locked for security. More info here…

5. WAPHTTTB is an acronym for Watches and Pen Holding Treasure Trove Trunk Box. I’m sure you knew that – but just in case… This laser engraving is hidden around the back.

6. Some pale straps.