Getting a Schofield watch ceramic coated

Talk to us first then send it in and we will quote you for strip-down, coat and reassemble. What are the advantages of a ceramic or PVD watch coating?

Firstly, its ‘traditional matte’ is the coating that is in the lowest band of gloss that it is possible to attain by modern standards. In terms of scratch resistance it is, again, right at one end of the spectrum as it clocks in at a 9H in the Pencil Hardness Test used for coatings which is the most scratch resistant that a coating can be rated. When sprayed continuously with water two and a half times as saline as seawater the ceramic coating was over ten times as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel.

Colours we offer are matte black, murky earth, forest green, red, blue, toxic green, bronze, titanium and yellow. All watch cases must be media blasted before the coating is applied and this gives it a low-sheen matte finish.

For more details on ceramic coatings take a look at the Daymark Dark and when you fall in love with it, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to provide you with one of these limited edition watches. Please note this only applies to Schofield manufactured watches. We cannot apply this service to other brands.