Which watch should I choose?

Which watch should I choose?
24th May 2018 Schofield
Signalman Bare Bones on white glove

Schofield is a byword within the nascent British watch industry for creativity and narrative. Each watch stands firmly on its own two feet as a piece of design but is also connected implicitly to our other products, packaging and the entire Schofield brand. The real question though is which Schofield watch should you choose to put your money behind?  

The purchase of a watch is a big decision and one that should be researched thoroughly by digging deep into the Schofield website. The story of the design, its narrative, will often be as powerful as the watch design at capturing your heart. In design, the first idea you have is often the right one; this is called the pertinent idea and we believe that this is true when choosing a watch. Go with your heart and not your head. 

Should you be interested in a watch which represents everything that Schofield is then look no further than our first house watch, the Daymark. Looking for something a little more brooding? The Daymark Dark would be right up your street. 

Another watch in the Markers range, the Telemark, is for those that appreciate the ice and cold of the Norwegian fjords whilst a more minimalist watch would be the incredibly rare Signalman Bare Bones. Searching for something you can wear without the worry of a luxury watch but with all of the class and style? Look no further than the Bronze Beater Batch 2 which is available in either raw or patinated versions depending on whether you prefer something shiny and new or an alternative with a bit of wear to it. 

Overall there’s no hard and fast rule as to how to select a Schofield watch, the most important factor being how you feel when it’s on your wrist. So, if you’re interested in any of the watches above or are even thinking about a custom build then don’t hesitate to get in touch or pay us a visit at HQ. Our door is always open and we are on hand to speak to you.