How to choose a watch strap

With a range of different materials and styles to choose from, it’s never been easier, or perhaps harder, to select a new Schofield strap. The most pertinent question when purchasing a new strap is to think about what you’re personally looking for. So, let’s dive in to how to choose a watch strap according to Schofield.

Often with such a large variety you can be paralysed by choice but remember that all Schofield straps fit into a particular colour palette; the same colour palette that is used for our watch design. This means for the most part that you cannot make a bad choice. However, we recommend not putting a blue strap with a blue dialled watch because we feel that this sucks the life out of the dial. If you are pale skinned, we recommend darker tones. It’s also worth noting that the straps made with thicker, even fuzzier materials like the tweeds, actually suit short-sleeved wear because they’re chunkier although you’d be forgiven for thinking they suited the colder seasons.

The tweeds are as tough and durable as leathers whereas the suedes, though compellingly luxurious, do tend to get dirty and are difficult to clean. The vintage suede strap handles this very nicely and looks worn in a good way whereas the yellow suede looks dirty and grubby after about six months of wear. Realistically, straps have a longevity of about a year depending on how you wear them and we like to see straps updated often as it keeps everything fresh and new looking. We manufacture straps to the highest quality and are renowned for this fact. We market them as tough and durable but if you regularly soak any strap then you will shorten its lifespan. Finally, on the strap page there is a note on strap care and it is worth looking at this as it specifies each individual strap’s characteristics.