Six Pips

  • Schofield Daymark watch


    Let’s calm down for a few seconds (I am talking about me;-) and get back to the serious business of watches. The Schofield Daymark in a recumbent pose, relaxed and casual with a light grey tweed strap.   SCHOFIELD WATCHES

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  • MR P Competition entry

    Snippets! 246

    Watch Wallets are running low so, if you are on the fence then please act now! The Compeller is available, email us for info. Schofield made Toots! Original Jazz Coffee is always on hand, it is a better brew than you would expect from a watch company – worth a try. Schofield adds Pinterest to the gamut of our social

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  • South Gare Lighthouse Schofield winner


    Mr H took this photo of South Gare lighthouse, North Yorkshire, and a deserved win it is. Both Mandy and I agree that the photo is quite brilliant. The fact that the lighthouse is the most luminescent object in the composition even though the lamp is off. The word Danger nearly matches it in brightness dividing the image into 5 horizontal tonal stripes. Choosing black

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  • Schofield Drone Photograph


    If I had a drone I could take an amazing photo. You could I don’t doubt it, the very nature of being in an unusual position gives you an advantage over the ubiquitous head height photograph. But let’s consider this image in a little more detail; the composition is stunning, we asked for man-made coastal structure and we get a whole load of

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  • Clevedon Pier in Pastels


    A very beautiful photograph, technically perfect, stunning colours, clever golden-hour reflections, fantastic smoothness of gradients and interesting composition of eighths. Well done Mr B, you excelled! But for us it comes down to taste and sadly there can be only one winner. We cannot help veer towards the peeling rust.    – I would like to thank everybody that entered. A sterling job

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  • Schofield Daymark and other watch accessories


    In light of the closing of our competition we would be remiss not to post a pic of the prize, honestly we are not rubbing noses in it just continuing the celebration!  The Daymark sits atop the customer only Strap Kit, containing all your straps for land and sea! SCHOFIELD WATCHES | WOI | STRAPS

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  • Schofield travel goods our leather wallet


    Summer traveling – how we can help – The Travel/Watch Wallet. You may wonder why we have never quite settled on a name for it, is it the Travel Wallet or is it a Watch Wallet? Well in my honest opinion I think it is a Travel Wallet that will happily house a watch, perhaps two but not three. It

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  • Wedged Pebble on Lancing beach

    SNIPPETS! 245

    The Markers is a range of watches starting with the Daymark. It will have a brother very soon 🙂 Remember if you are an owner of a Schofield watch then you and only you can buy the Strap Kit If you see a strap in any of our media you don’t recognise then take a screen grab and we will identify

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  • Signalman Bare Bones Blue Rhodium Dial and Rose Gold DIal


    There are not many of these limited edition watches left, not many at all! Pictured are the blue rhodium and rose gold dialled versions. We also have silver rhodium, heavy grey rhodium, yellow gold and German Silver. Email now before the artist’s proof watches are gone for good 🙂 SCHOFIELD WATCHES

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  • Tide Time by Schofield and Mandy Barker


    I knew it would be hard. Whittling away to reach a list of runners-up has been very tricky. Next week we will go from all the best to just one when the lucky winner will be announced. Mandy is currently at the Prix Pictet Award entitled SPACE at the Victoria and Albert Museum – public opening from 5 – 28 May, so head

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