23rd May 2017 SWC
Schofield Compeller and the Event Horizon Ship
Would it come as a surprise if I told you that I have a thing for spaceships? Not so much the modern CGI ones but the classic ships that were filmed from models. So the spinner started as the Schofield Beam-of-Light logo and a little bit TIE fighter, but it also needed club ends like a speed regulating governor for a very physical advantage and to give the impression of motion even when stationary. In cross section it started to look like the Event Horizon spaceship with its gravity drive, so I worked on that and made it more so. It also features geometry from the watch cases. The stainless grips have milled concentric circles like the centre of a ferris wheel (another marvel of engineering I have a thing about) and of course the ubiquitous Fresnel lens of lighthouses.
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