A man should not spend his life at work

as it’s a sin

God gave us Paris, Venice,

art nouveau architecture, art deco

watches and clocks,

gave us wild strawberries

misty dawns outside of cafés’ windows,


gave us Thomas Mann and Proust,

and moors of Ireland,

created pool and teenagers,

and a thousand of other things

like waterfalls, Divine Comedy,

cigarettes and poems by Rilke,

streets lined with trees

in the South, American

cars from 1940s,

Mont Blanc pens and guidebooks

to Grenada, and

cognac, gin, whisky and Bordeaux

surely not in order for me

to sit

for eight hours daily

at work

like some wanker.

Andrzej Kotański, “Canto” | Suggested to us by Jonathan Carroll

Pic by Simon Cudd. Mask of 18 deadly diseases