3rd December 2017 Schofield
Porters Barbers
Long-time friend of Schofield and creator of SalonQP (circa 2011-2016) – Lucy Cheesewright, approached us with an idea for a pop-up in partnership with Porters Barbers – how could we resist? Porters, possibly the coolest barbers in London (no-one goes near my beard!) have shops with baristas and a gentlemanly vibe.
So please pop in and stay awhile on Thursday 7th December at their flagship shop in Dulwich Village. 
Why would you bother? Well if I need to say… special coffee and Simon and I will be there! Schofield watches and accessories, Schofield + Cudd straps and bits, //9h7b leather goods with some new unseen pieces too. Porters are our hosts and are graciously offering 20% off their wash and cut service. More info next week…
PORTERS, 78 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7AJ, 11:00-18:00.
Lucy launched her business Langstroth this year – it’s a creative consultancy for luxury and technology brands – check it out here… LANGSTROTH