15th September 2017 SWC
Bronze British watches
One case, two finishes and you can choose. The raw case has been meticulously blasted with quite a coarse media that creates a wonderful slightly sparkly finish. This will not last long as the rough surface with its increased surface area will oxidise and stain quickly. These cases are designed for those that want the grease of everyday life to change the character of the case over time. Generally in the West we consider patination to be akin to dirt, therefore we polish our doorknobs. In the East especially Japan, patination is looked upon with reverence, it is history, charm, age, grace and human. We keep these cases in airtight bags for as long as possible to slow down the oxidative process between manufacture and delivery.
The other patinated variety of bronze case is just the same as the raw but has undergone a couple more processes. We chemically treat the case in baths of acid and dye, Giles’s special concoction. After this process of dipping and washing the cases are burnished to reveal the raw metal in select places – bezel, sides, and the edges of the lugs. This variety is a little more stable. It will look this way for longer with your own patinations adding to its character.