Telemark watch on grey OMI strap and a black ceramic coated buckle. Almost monochrome save a couple of olive green elements on the dial, the pink tip to the second hand, the pink calf lining on the inside of the strap. It is austere and clean, high readability, wholly reliable, a rock, a friend. You can see these next week in London, try them on, explore our other treasure. Come and see us at the Schofield x Porters Barbers pop up next Thursday at their flagship store:
78 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7AJ, 11:00-18:00.
AND if you buy a strap from Schofield or Schofield + Cudd we can Monogram it there and then – how cool is that! This goes for the //9h7b stuff too! The wonderful Joost Pasman will be there providing a complimentary monogramming service to any purchases made! 🙂
The Telemark can be posted immediately 🙂