Polished BE Buckle

The Best Ever Buckle was designed for the Obscura but also retro-fitable to all other Schofields. Overall, it is slightly bigger than the old types, an appropriate shift in the visual balance of weight between the watch and the buckle. The top and bottom surfaces are mirror polished, the sides brushed.


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The SWC logo is paint filled in such a way that we still have the meniscus visible – more akin to old enamel signage, like a plaque found on a steam engine.

The biggest change is the screw. I sometimes see that the conventional thumb-nail buckle screw can work its way undone, just a little but enough to make it a revision point. Also, I see that the side of the buckles can get scratched with screwdriver mishaps. The new design mitigates both these points, the buckle being larger means there is a longer thread and the way the head sits in the counter-bore gives us more friction. The head is also rebated creating a pocket for the driver blade to fit into, it simply cannot slip sideways onto the buckle body now, and this is good. And, and, it is blue! Like the blued screws in the Obscura’s hand wound Unitas movement. It site slightly proud because it is too good to hide away.

The side is laser engraved BKL – 2/1.6 SWC. It is the second full buckle design hence the 2 and it takes a 1.6mm screwdriver.