Watch display box. The Watch And Pen Holding Treasure Trove Trunk Box (WAPHTTTB). Is it secure storage? Yes it is, though not a safe. It is lockable and there are holes in the base so it can be screwed down. Or if your surface is un-screwable then we would recommend two full sheets of Blu Tack – it will slow ’em down! The WAPHTTTB will hold 2 watches per pigeon hole, a max total of ten watches. Or 3 pens per pigeon hole for a max of 15 pens! Or you could do away with the cedar blocks and just have empty space for tea, combs, harmonicas, gramophone needles, etc… Naturally you can have any combo. Just ask. The box comes with 3 watch holders and one pen holder by default. Please check the dimensions below as it is larger than the images portray.

  • Watch display case
  • Solid and veneered ash
  • 4 toughened glass windows
  • Engraved steel plate in the fifth window
  • 3 removable cedar watch holding blocks
  • 1 removable cedar pen holding block
  • Engraved brass escutcheon
  • Brass lock and hinges
  • Removable key
  • Holes to screw box down
  • WAPHTTTB engraving on the rear
  • Sloping full width lid
  • Fully lined and partitioned
  • Dimensions : 59cm wide x 25 cm deep x 15cm high
  • Weight: 7.5 KGr

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Black, Brown, Grey


Schofield Watch Company Limited


Ash, Brass, Cedar, Steel

steel box plaque
UK watch display box Engraving
Watch display case Open lid

The Watches and Pen Holding Treasure Trove Trunk Box. Start with the video.