A process many of you will have become accustomed to is Schofield revealing its ideas and thoughts way before the concept materialises as a production model. It goes without saying that we are a company that stays true to its word no matter how long and complicated the process might turn out to be – the Obscura will happen! It has been delayed for a myriad reasons related to production which naturally takes time to resolve.

The new pen: it is still happening but as we are not pen makers we are at the mercy (and production schedules) of those that are.

The Watch Wallet: this is already underway and will almost certainly be ready for Christmas.

SalonQP: We are in discussions and though you may have seen very little by way of marketing from the new owners rest assured that they tell us unequivocally that the event is going ahead and as a preliminary note Giles has been asked to do a seminar! Whether he will is another matter.