Last night Giles attended and featured at Fears’ Six Week Store in Piccadilly and quite unexpectedly he was forced to face Schofield’s morbidity as a brand when asked by a customer “what would happen if Schofield ever went bust?”.
Firstly we must assure you that we are not going bust! Though we are small in comparison with some of the larger global players we are still firmly anchored and afloat.
If you have found yourself pondering the longevity and upkeep of your Schofield watch collection should we ever hit on storms we cannot weather (it has not happened to date so is highly unlikely) then rest assured that our deliberate choosing of stock movements, namely the ETA2824-2 and the UNITAS 6498 (and in fact any other movements that we have used) can be serviced worldwide by any highly qualified watchmaker. It is also worth noting that all other serviceable parts, specifically water resistance gaskets are nothing particularly fancy and can be sourced around the world from suppliers other than ourselves. We also hold parts and spares for all of our watch models ever made with the exception of some cases. This all said and minds put at ease we are here for the foreseeable future and naturally we should be your preferred choice because we know our product better than anybody else.