All good stuff and more | No. 440 ▶◀

All good stuff and more | No. 440 ▶◀
7th November 2022 Schofield
  • Japanese watches
  • Schofield Daymark watch
  • Perf Straps

Evening all! The A-21 Almanac, a true collectable, a delectable collectable! Thank you to everyone that jumped in last week! These fabulous coffee table books ship the next day, so if you would like one head on over to the website for more info.

B5 time. Let’s talk about the colour, starting with no colour then add just a little. The B5 is subtle. It looks way more colourful in photos because the dial is four times the size, but when worn it is not about the colour at all. I suppose it is more akin to a white dialled watch. The whole vibe is peaceful. Just like Hanami, the Japanese custom of enjoying the cherry trees in bloom – with a drink.

The case back shows Sakura, a flowering cherry tree, an ornamental tree and not one that generally produces fruit for eating. The cherry blossom is the de-facto national flower of Japan. Going back to the dial, it is blossom coloured of the palest kind. On the case back it is the background that matches the dial, the foreground stronger, more saturated. The design is taken from a manhole cover. Japan excels in these. If you are into Japanese manholes you are a ‘manholer’, I would consider myself and any B4 and B5 owner a Schofield Manholer!

The Daymarks are so close to done! An announcement I do not make enthusiastically. There is one Daymark left. One Daymark Dark.

On brighter news – shown here a collection of Perf straps. They pop! All available online.


…Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew

Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two

The candy man, the candy man can…