The Almanac is in! | No. 439 ▶◀

Evening All! It’s a big one! The Almanac is here! Yes! it is done and ready to ship. Why is the Almanac a big deal? Because it is a deliberate move towards doing more that is analogue, displacing some of the digital necessities any business has to endure. The Six Pips has always been in the digital domain and as many readers of the Pips will appreciate it is more than marketing fluff, it is the heart and soul of Schofield Watch Company. By making it a book, it feels like making it real.

On a personal note, there are some things that just have to be done. No question. The Six Pips is an effort, easier when there is news, harder keeping the enthusiasm up when times are tough. Sometimes impossible. Nearly every Thursday for the last 10 years of my life has ben devoted to the Pips! So I made it into a book because I really wanted to!

Not merely a cut and paste job, no sir! This is curated from all the best Pips of 2021. Hence Almanac 21 (A-21). Those short, sharp, buy this thing now type Pips have been omitted leaving the poems, the prose, the excitement and the beauty – the very best that Schofield offers.

Don’t be put off that it is last year’s, the content is still very much relevant. It was not that long ago. Now the issue is we need to sell them. We do. Because if we can cover the costs then it means there will be A-22! Then maybe an archive edition. Yes! A collection! All the same size, similar and familiar in format. That’s the plan.

The book itself is proper fancy, how could it not be? I love books and fancy bindings. Send me a Folio Society and I will beam with delight! The Almanac is casebound with top and tail bands, ribbon, tactile paper,  full colour, foiled and debossed. It’s an inch thick, A4 size, cloth covered treasure!

Layout wise, chronological but with new content, lots of graphic design, werewolf tears, predominately red images on the left and green on the right. Port and Starboard, Strange Lights and plenty of obscurity. If you like the Pips, you will like the Almanac, if you don’t I will eat my hat and shorts. The price is £72+ shipping. It is live on the website. Go on