Restless design. Undercurrents. Halloween P-2 | No. 438 ▶◀

Evening all! Forgive the break, there was stuff that had to be done! That sounds intriguing and it is! In due course my friends… Let’s kick off the Pips with a pic from around the corner of Schofield’s Riverside store.

Talking of the store and being a restless designer there have been some modifications, updates and for those that travel a long way to see us the ablution block is being tarted-up, minor news but good news! In fact, there is much minor news but perhaps a trifle trivial for the esteemed Pips.

The Undercurrents blog has been forced back to its original guise, showing behind the scenes and development pics. It has become a design-inspiration-Pinterest-type-board and I have Pinterest for that! So, check out

The Halloween P-2 is back! Black and orange Ebonite. Now you can choose gold plated brass or stainless steel hardware, and then fountain pen, rollerball or fibre tip nib. You’ll need to email (reply to this one) because they are not online.

Group shot, Artist’s Beater, HQ dial Raw B3, Strange Lights NQR, all for sale, you could be wearing one next week! 🙂 Email us…

Raw B3 on Clayton Leather. A gold standard in Bronze watches! Look at those British made machine marks! Too cool. Visit the Schofield site to see more info.