An all-round upbeat post 50 nice newsletter | No. 437 ▶◀

Evening all. I’m back. I made it through. Wiser for sure. Let’s kick off with the FACT that Rob Nudds of Fratello Watch Magazine said that the B5 case back is the best case back in the history of watchmaking! I’ll see that and raise it on a future release. But for now, let’s revel in the beauty of this miniature Tokyo drain cover, rendered here in glass enamel and sterling silver. You can’t see it but each one of these is hallmarked on the back. Proper cool is the little lapel pin that comes with it – I did mention that didn’t I?

The Strange Lights has not had airtime in way too long. Some praises, British made titanium case, case back and movement holder. British finished case with mechanical engraving and laser engraving on the case back. Also fully designed and assembled right here. Which brings me to the next Pip…

…Turning 50 is an extraordinarily admirable milestone & worthy of raucous celebration. Especially as you’ve created a bespoke English watchmaking marque from scratch. Being unique in design & construction whilst adhering to superlative manufacturing tolerances surely reflects your pursuit of excellence.

Bravo dear Giles, as you’ve single-handed re-envisioned the tradition of bespoke English watchmaking for the contemporary consumer.

Thank you for my birthday messages, most regarding wisdom, most were uplifting 🙂

Here is a picture of the Six Pips Almanac being made. I am so excited about this. It feels like the Six Pips (which is a huge effort BTW) is being made real, permanent. Moving away from the digital to the analogue, a more virtuous pursuit in my mind.

Let’s talk P-2s! I have some new Stargate editions. In fact, there is an absolute trove of P-2s here in the River Side Store. All lined up in the WAPHTTTB. Come and have a look, a scribble, a coffee and a chat. You can choose either fountain pen nib, fine liner or roller ball. All the nib types are interchangeable. We have new stainless steel hardware too! Oh gosh! Do you remember me telling you that a guy from Grand Seiko said it was a perfect product – or was that for the Small Wall Clock… Anyway, hold on to your compliments! That is 50 year old wisdom right there!

Perf strap. Available online. Click the button below to see the range.