Six Pips No. 433 Purple ‘N Pink perforated watch straps ▶◀

Evening all. New perforated watch straps Summer straps! A complete range! Perf suede in pretty summer colours. Purple Perf, Pink Perf, Off-white Perf and Green Perf. They are online now so please go see! We will get onto the shipping when re-opening on the 4th August. All uni size and lined with blue calf. All watches and straps and buckles in this Pips are available!

Pink Perf on Gold Treasure.

Green Perf on Daymark.

Purple Perf on Rare Things Beater Old HQ.

White Perf on Raw B3! Whooahhh! This one is not suede but lambskin (better for dirt resistance – which we have addressed by treating this range of straps with Renpur® eco-friendly, non toxic, waterproofing and stain protection).

Tease – less than two weeks to go!