Six Pips No. 431 Apples, housekeeping, the BC and more ▶◀

Evening all! Let’s begin with a little Laurie Lee. In my opinion, an apple is the only food one can be seen eating whilst walking the streets so as not to seem uncouth.

The russet, crab and cottage red
burn to the sun’s hot brass,
then drop like sweat from every branch
and bubble in the grass.

I won a design award for the SWC SWC! No biggie.

Housekeeping. It has been three weeks of cleaning the website and making it better. The structure is right now but I need to furnish it with things like Buckles and Drivers, the Milanese straps and other small whimseys like Shed Keys and the new notebooks. All of these items listed here are available, please ask and I will let you know the details. The P-2 needs new photos because the end badge and grip section have been updated. There is a new Services page that may interest some of you.

Buoys Club! There have been some updates. An artists-proof Beater with an unusual finish on the case. Also, some info on the forthcoming Six Pips Almanac.

I won a design award for the SWC SWC, just sayin’.

The Signalman Bare Bones. It is almost a throwback but the good news is we are making just a few more… Same dials but slightly different case arrangements. If you are interested to know more then email in 🙂