This is a short Pips, number 300!
Last year has ended and it unfortunately ended with a great sadness. Not at all how I wished to start the first pips of 2019. Simon Cudd, a Schofield character and one half of the Schofield & Cudd collaboration was taken last week – snatched by cancer – in the blink of an eye. Only 46 years old, my age. We were mates, business partners and co-conspirators.
Here are some things I learnt from Simon.

Our imagined future-selves are always more awesome. Don’t wait to improve yourself or that ‘future’ will always be just that, the future instead of the present
Getting angry with the little things is needlessly stressful
Loyalty is valuable, you need it most when you’re poor
To put energy into people
To always have a nice cushion in your car- excellent interior design shouldn’t be exclusive to your home 
To never tire of watches
To really push for free stuff
To find virtue in less expensive clothes (never!)
To always smell nice
To arrive big
Sharing the fuss over little things is fun
To take more photos
To go on more road trips
To not wait for luck
To flirt with more men
To consider orange

Simon’s funeral is next Thursday so naturally there will be no Pips as we take a day to celebrate his life. If you would like to make a donation in Simon’s memory then please follow this link.

The beneficiaries will be Maggie’s Oxford Centre, Oxford and St Andrews Church, Oddington.