Schofield X-ray

The X-ray! Like so many of the things we make there are countless suppliers that impose their own story upon a project. Sometimes really good, for example the machinist for the P-2 and the Beaters is an unbelievable good egg and total perfectionist, whereas the dial manufacturer for the X-ray was, well… disappointing. Now I must impress that it is not the dials or the date discs that disappoint, no Sir, they are awesome, but the fact that we were delivered 20% for 100% of the money (after paying 100% for tooling and prototypes)! Then he disappeared without a trace and even our good friend a Swiss lawyer could not find him. So I can only make a fraction of X-rays that will never put food on the proverbial table! So the X-ray is limited to 20 watches and they are nearly gone. If the X-ray is your thing – consider this 🙂