Schofield on Youtube

True citizen of style (as many of you are) Mr K emailed with troubles of fitting a new strap to his Beater. I had taken the old strap changing video down as it was painfully dated leaving no resource for Mr K to draw upon. Having got back from a run and in a state of dress totally unsuited to face customers I made a quick and dirty video explaining some hacks to make the job of an evening strap change easier. Now when it comes to video it is really hard to get it perfect, there are too many moving pieces for somebody who only likes it just so. Videos just don’t get made. Until now! Mr K taught me a lesson; stop worrying about 100%, settle for 80% but get it done! Yes I trip over my words repeating myself and generally miss out the important bits. But hey, there is now a strap changing video again! What’s more there are other videos too as YouTube has had a makeover. Just a few for this week and maybe more for next week.
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