The Compeller – a fidget spinner

The Compeller – a fidget spinner


This is our take on a fidget spinner it is the latest craze to sweep the world. It is without doubt that we definitely, definitely don’t get involved in fads and crazes but this is just too cool to ignore and anyway we have had this little treasure in the pipeline for…well, a while. And ours is probably the most compelling of them all.

If you have not seen or played with a fidget spinner then it is hard to grasp what on earth the fuss is about. Trust me when you hold one you cannot help but spin it. Whether you are watching television, in a meeting, on the train or just walking, you simply cannot put it down. The Schofield Compeller is bronze with stainless steel grips. It has a hybrid ceramic bearing of such quality that when spun hard the thing will go for over 5 minutes. It will last forever and change colour as you go.

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Would it come as a surprise if I told you that I have a thing for spaceships? Not so much the modern CGI ones but the classic ships that were filmed from models. So the spinner started as the Schofield Beam-of-Light logo and a little bit TIE fighter, but it also needed club ends like a speed regulating governor for a very physical advantage and to give the impression of motion even when stationary. In cross section it started to look like the Event Horizon spaceship with its gravity drive, so I worked on that and made it more so. It also features geometry from the watch cases. The stainless grips have milled concentric circles like the centre of a ferris wheel (another marvel of engineering I have a thing about) and of course the ubiquitous Fresnel lens of lighthouses.

  • Dimensions – 55mm x 26mm x 13mm
  • Weight – 62 grams
  • Bronze rotor
  • Stainless steel grips
  • Ceramic hybrid bearing
  • Over 4 minute spin times
  • Packaging to keep
  • Spare parts available
  • Made in England

Compeller care

If you keep the Compeller spinner in your pocket then the bearing will get dusty. It is however easy to clean. Simply use alcohol and give it a blow to dry. If you have compressed air then that is even better. The bearing can be replaced should it become damaged, although this is unlikely as it is a high tolerance ceramic hybrid type.