28th June 2018 SWC
Signalman Bare Bones held by Giles Ellis

Though the days of broadsheet newspapers are almost a distant memory now that the technological age is upon us there is something still quite illustrious about being featured in the New York Times; so when we were approached by one of their writers following the release of the Telemark we jumped at the chance. Fast forward through the countless emails of advance planning to last week when we graciously threw open the doors of our HQ to Penelope A. Colston.

There is something romantic about a journalist who still uses a dictaphone and though we don’t envy the task of transcribing 2 hours of conversation we are excited to see what kind of article will spring from the pages with so much ground having been covered. Schofield’s history was laid bare for ‘Penny’ and stories poured from Giles as if a tap had been left open in the memory section of his mind; and even Giles with his hoarse throat was left aglow in the aftermath of having shared so much of our rich narrative. Safe to say that whatever comes of the article will be interesting to those interested in us.