The Daymark Dark is an automatic watch with the same case dimensions as our classic Signalman and the other members of the Markers range. Although it has been made from one piece of vapour-blasted stainless steel, the shine and sheen of the Daymark’s case have been sullied by the darkness. A ceramic coating has been applied which introduces the foreboding of the English coastline’s rocky outcrops. Changing the colour changes the atmosphere from one of steely austerity to one of understatement. If the Daymark is a tower rising above the landscape, the Daymark Dark is its shadow, gloomy perhaps but not drab. It is the Daymark’s silhouette. It is the Daymark at night, barely perceptible against the darkness of the night sky and yet present all the same.

The ceramic coating which is used on the Daymark Dark was chosen for several reasons, including how it looks and its scratch and chemical resistance. Firstly, its ‘traditional matte’ coating that is in the lowest band of gloss that is possible to attain by modern standards. In terms of scratch resistance it is, again, right at one end of the spectrum as it clocks in at a 9H in the Pencil Hardness Test used for coatings which is the most scratch resistant that a coating can be rated. When sprayed continuously with water two and a half times as saline as seawater the ceramic coating was over ten times as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel.

These watches are made to order, if you would like one either head to the website or pop us an email.