10th July 2018 Schofield
Deep Blue Shallow Green Watch Straps
The first strap, the deep blue, is from far away waters, a material found by Giles on one of his expeditions to Japan. The fabric is a custom made cotton-poly blend for a high end label called ‘Lumen et Umbra’ (light and shadow) which has subtle randomised grey patches woven within the blue to give a ‘pulled through’ look to the cloth. This strap is very wearable, fuzzy but not tweed-like.

The second strap is from the archives of Mrs L, a mid-toned flecked purple blue. Mrs L was a dressmaker and these heavy fabrics have been preserved since the 1970s and discovered by Schofield through the kindness of Mrs G. We imagine this material is from our neighbours in France and if you gaze across the deep blue of the Sussex coastline you can just make out their original home.

The third strap is another from the vintage collection of Mrs L, a remarkably large houndstooth. The trio of colours on this strap is representative of all depths of our oceans, the sand which reminds us of running barefoot on a scorching day towards the ocean, an aqua-turquoise for the shallow depths we dip our toes in on summer holidays and deep blue for the territories of the depths not yet discovered. Fortune favours the bold and this houndstooth will make you stand out in the crowd.

Price for this set is £300 + a little shipping. Email us and we can send a payment link. The price reflects the doubt we have that the deep blue will endure, the fabric is delicate.