Many Creative Watches | No. 444 ▶◀

Many Creative Watches | No. 444 ▶◀
28th January 2023 Schofield
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Evening all! It is a full bore creative watches tonight. It is WatchPro Salon this weekend and even though we opted not to exhibit I will be there hobnobbing. Therefore a virtual showcase seems right. Let’s start with the Purplex Beater (its official name) Creative watches you say? Well within the confines of a round watch that tells the time – yes!

These are a limited version of the B5 which is itself limited to 29, so we will not make many. Pictured here with a Purple Silk Velvet strap and matching Purplex buckle. This watch still has all the beauty of the Japanese B5 like the enamel case back and the Sakura dial. We are building some more right now so if you are interested, email us and put your name down 🙂

The Landmarks are all sold but one, just one! A stunning watch whose treasure is hidden, a little more subtle than the one above.

Treasure watch! To be honest I had not revised the numbers in a while and I found there are not many of these left either! Available in gold or silver. You (or I) choose the serial Treasure Hoard that gets engraved on the back. A classic watch that marked 10 years since the Signalman. A polished case and a stepped black dial.

Strange Lights. A personal favourite of mine, now don’t go thinking that I don’t like the others! That would be madness, I love them all! But this is what I pick up to wear to show off Schofield. I wonder why? One thing is for sure – you don’t know you are wearing it, it is so light.

The Beater B5. Here in its original subtlety – a quiet watch. The Middle-tex steel case. The glowing ring around the dial. The Plum Canvas strap. The list goes on.

The Beater B3. It has become a Schofield mainstay, the Original Bronze Beater! This one is Batch 3. The B4 has sold out, the B5 (above) is in production and next, the B6, which will be an updated B3 I am sure, however, it does not make this coastal/nautical reference watch any less relevant. Oh no, this version is perfect. Available in either pre-patinated or raw, untreated Bronze. All the watches in this Pips are available, all can be shipped pretty quickly.

– Schofield’s creative watches are probably, no definitely, the most engaging in the world! –