Evening all! A quick Crash of the Pips as we are in Ireland prepping for tomorrow’s watch show in Waterford. We are proudly showing off the Treasure Watch and Strange Lights, maybe a paper dialled, blu-tac movement prototype, that we will make real later in the year! General housekeeping – Man! There was some activity over the Milanese bracelets, we sold out twice over! Rest assured if I have not answered your email, I will, and new stock will be ready next week. On other news, friends of Schofield have helped me refine an idea for a new Strap Kit/Travel Wallet that has been unsatisfactory until now. This design is exactly what is needed in the world, of that I am sure, and I am really excited and go to meet a new manufacturer next week. The SP Almanac is pressing ahead. There are some exciting P-2 variants landing soon and some other watches. Did I really just slip watches in at the end like it’s the least important news…?