1. Evening all! First things first. Schofield will be in Ireland showing watches at the Waterford Museum of Time from Friday to Sunday. The Festival Of Time is hosting a number of independents from all over, including Bernhard Lederer, Vianney Halter, Andreas Strehler, Thomas Prescher, Paul Gerber, Patrik Sjögren, Sebastien Naeschke, Giles Ellis, Christian Lass, Philippe Narbel, Bastien Vuillomenet, Rune Bakkendorrf and Ireland’s own Bryan Leech and John and Stephen McGonigle.
  2. Milanese bracelets in both polished and matt stainless steel are engraved and ready to ship – if you are interested let us know by replying to this email and we’ll see if there are some left. They are £270 each and will last and look good forever. The engraving was worth the wait with Schofield and our little Made by Thinking thing with a lighthouse light bulb, whilst under the security tab is a hidden affirmation – Chance Your Arm – just for you 🙂
  3. Treasure watch time! You know you do not have to choose a treasure hoard to go on the back – we can do it for you! We have done it many times! There is a new review of the gold version on Oracle Time. https://oracleoftime.com/schofield-treasure-watch-review/
  4. Many times I have said that I make everything for myself. Whilst this is absolutely true, I don’t get to keep it all, I am not sure I have ever stressed this before. I covert Schofield stuff as much as some of you. The SWC SWC is no exception! I have been waiting to clear the backlog of orders and hoping for a QC failure to call my own. So there was a mark on a case and normally this would be dressed but my beloved Kit-Cat clock just stared straight ahead instead of looking left and right with every swing of its tail so it was time to furnish the space with a grey dialled SWC. I am telling you this because the kitchen walls are white and the clock looks so clean and bright, clinical, scientific, precise. It made me love it even more. SWC SWCs are available – everything is available! What’s mine is yours!
  5. The Six Pips Almanac has escalated into something wonderful! Next – printing! I can’t contain my excitement.
  6. Straps! Let’s have a new one for the summer. Ikat. The cloth is handwoven in India, the straps are then made in Germany as they always have been. Mustardy yellow, red, grey and ecru. Not online yet so email in for first dibs. This watch is for sale BTW, whoo-hoo! Email for more info 🙂