17th January 2022 Schofield
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Evening all! I came across an old Pip about Hikaru Dorodango, the Japanese art of moulding a mud ball into a perfect sphere by hand. I bring it up again here 7 years on because perhaps it is more pertinent than ever. If we imagine a continuum of what we do now on the left, and where we want to be and what we want to do on the right, I wonder how far along you would plot your position? I suspect not even halfway. But what if we could only find the time for admirable pursuits? I admit that making mud balls is at the extreme right end, but if we read books instead of watching TV or write stuff instead of playing games you could not argue that this would feel more virtuous. How far along the continuum would you get if you stacked these virtues? Virtue stacking may bring us closer to our future selves and to Hikaru Dorodango! The author William Gibson said of Dorodango that ‘an artefact of such utter simplicity and perfection that it seems it must be either the first object or the last…”

2. Strange Lights time. The case and the case back are titanium 100% machined, finished and engraved in England.

3. Talking of Strange Lights this is Winter Wonderland in London, the worst thing I did this Christmas was to go. I hated it.

4. This is more like it. The South Downs only yesterday, strange light indeed.

5. Daymark time.

6. Throwback to the Compeller! What a cool thing it was too! A bronze and stainless fidget spinner.