3rd January 2022 Schofield
  • Gold watch
  • P-2 red special
  • SI CUDD Beater barbed
  • PillPot 2

Evening all! Happy New Year to you! Oh my gosh, what a year that was! Still, we take a deep breath and crack on. With all the enthusiasm in the world I see 2022 as particularly exciting, I am so keen to share new Schofield projects with you and surely will do over the next few months. But before we  look too far forward we should count our lucky stars that we made it this far, many have not and one in particular comes to mind this time every year, our dear old friend, Mr C. We all miss him. I reckon I have over 10 thousand pictures of his and as I was randomly scrolling I came across this silliness. Good on him.

2. Oh yes! Here is a proper photo of the SWC SWC. I know most of you have seen it already but let’s reset in order to build up to a proper release. This is the case work, diamond turned and nickel-plated. Register or pre-order now for early delivery – January for sure 🙂

3. The Treasure Watch, available now, totally happening and delivering through Jan. Visit the website for more info.

4. P-2 in polished red. Carbon carry tube, just brilliant and never disappointing. Either as a fountain or roller ball, you choose…

5. I think we are old enough now for a throwback, don’t you? So how about, and in celebration of Mr C, we go OG Steel Beater.

6. Those Pill Pots with the S+C logo went fast! We have just one left, to be found on the Buoys Club page, where you will find some Last of a Kind straps.