Evening all. A proper write-up in Fratello – Mr N is a good writer – a line like “There is a genuineness and earnestness to everything Giles Ellis designs. “ makes me walk a little taller. Read the whole piece here. https://www.fratellowatches.com/schofield-treasure-watch/

2. Pill Pots in the Buoys Club. It seemed right to emblazon CUDD on the side as he invented the Pill Pot. This is the third and final version. Only in Pink. Get yours here…

3. The Treasure Watch has brought forth some wonderful stories from some new owners who have gone down the rabbit hole of researching what hoard to have on the back (you can choose your number and hoard). For example, last week a couple visited the Schofield shop;  Mr B, who has been waiting ten years to buy a Schofield had every intention of buying a B3 but in fact settled on a Daymark. He was happy. But Mrs B, who had less enthusiasm for such things was enthralled by the Treasure Watch. It was niggling her. The next morning she admitted to being up late digging up a little known hoard on her old stomping ground.

…”Ferring Rife is a place where I spent many a childhood day in the summer, being sucked by leeches in its shallows, and discovering my own “treasures” in the disused barns and farmland that surrounds it. It is a few hundred metres from the house I grew up in, and can only be accessed by foot. Ferring holds many a memory for me as you can imagine, its Norman village church is where I got married to our proud Daymark owner – and where both my parents – my very own buried treasures – are laid to rest.”

4. Daymark time! The Daymark is a navigation aid without a light. Something to guide you safely up an estuary like the one pictured – The Daymark on the cliff-top above Kingswear, opposite Dartmouth in Devon. The watch was inspired by this structure, the symmetry, austerity and colours. The design literally captures the place in time.

5. Thank you to all those that have ordered our new watch, it thrills me yet again to see so many keen Buoys and Bells! These watches are made to order and all the individual case back designs will come to you first via email for proofing. Then we engrave and build 🙂

6. Strap focus. The new Japanese Indigo! Available here…