Six Pips No. 432 Terrible teasing, melting roads and more ▶◀

Six Pips No. 432 Terrible teasing, melting roads and more ▶◀
23rd July 2022 Schofield
  • B T H F
  • B3 70
  • Morgan Case Back 70
  • RT BEATER 70
  • SILK 60

Evening all! I’m starting with a tease, a terrible tease for something so beautiful you will weep when revealed.

Raw Beater on Chinese Basket Weave. Honestly, with the last couple of years of strap types we have some world-class watch and strap combinations! Just so awesome I can barely contain my excitement.

Take a look at this custom case back on a Silver Treasure Watch. The Morgan is this customer’s treasure! – Why not? So fun to do even though it took maaaany hours.

The Rare Things Beater in the ART CASE, still available – a unique watch strapped here to the Pale Cotton Velvet. It’s a teddy, a mole, a mouse. Please email us.

If you missed the Buoys Club last week go there now! The Silk Tie straps are running low, there are no bad ones, all types are magnificent and not as preppy strapped up as you might have thought. Also, and please remember, that if you buy a strap and it’s not for you I am happy to swap or refund it. Never a problem. Take the risk…

The roads are melting, panic buying and just look at Brighton beach! A crowded beach like this is, without exaggeration, the very last place I would ever wish to be. An empty beach, however, the very best. Somebody once replied to this statement by saying this was probably true for most people, which made me laugh.