5th October 2018 SWC
Packaging Card

As a company based in Sussex which famously states that we ‘face the sea’ it is imperative that we protect the natural environment in which we live. Our corporate social responsibility is at the very heart of everything we do here at Schofield. We do not pride ourselves on making tens of thousands of watches per year, nor would we want to, our low numbers mean that we can instead pride ourselves on being, to an extent, waste free. Our efforts to reduce our plastic use can be clearly seen in the recent changes to our packaging. Our new boxes (which will be released soon) are made in the UK from sustainable UK wood, our smaller UK parcels are now sent away in ‘green’ jiffy bags. We no longer use plastic sticky tape having swapped it for ‘greener’ paper tape and we have reduced the amount of stickers we print.

Anything we have spotted that we can reduce, we have. It should come as no surprise then when we tell you that after months of research we have finally come to an agreement on what will be the internal packaging for our cardboard boxes (yes, we are that detailed here at HQ). This in part took months because finding a solution which does not compromise on Giles’ design aesthetic and appeals to his futuristic sensibilities but is still biodegradable was not the simplest of tasks (corn starch packing peanuts were never going to work). Behold our new inner which we have dubbed the Packing-Star Galactica! Those of you who share with Giles’ penchant Sci-Fi will find this particularly amusing.