From the most wonderful write up in Luxfanzine by Endre Buzogany

…Fast forward to the Telemark out of the box. The watch face is well designed with little details dotted around it. Every single shape on the ‘submarine dial’ has a very good reason to be exactly where it is and looking exactly as it should and adding to the story of Telemark.

I catch myself humming the Whistleblowers by Laibach and at the same time wondering if Giles could host a seminar solely on the various considerations made during refining the Telemark watch face.

Note: BTW – yes, he could – and it would be a great one to attend …the reason behind omitting the pip below the ‘6’, why the date in the 4:30 position, the detail surrounding the date and engraved on the crown showing the Unicode symbol for a lighthouse, the shape of hands resembling the beams of light projected out of a lighthouse, etc. The considerations seem extraordinary. I could picture Giles pacing around with rolled-up sleeves as graphics swap places on the screen behind him …whilst the heads of the audience seated in the semi-darkness move in sync to follow him around the stage…

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