EDC Torch


An extremely powerful every day carry torch, not much bigger than your thumb.

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Precision machined from 2014 aluminium. Using a CREE XM-L T6 LED for a maximum output of 500 lumens with a beam throw of 70 metres. This little torch was originally designed to go in the box along with the Blacklamp Carbon wrist watch. The torch uses a rotary head switch to cycle through five functions. 3 Power functions, strobe and SOS Morse signal. Made in England.

  • Low (100 Lm)
  • Medium (210 Lm)
  • High (500 Lm)
  • Strobe (500 Lm)
  • SOS (500 Lm)

The battery is a single rechargeable 16340. The case is water resistant to 0.5m, shock resistance 1m. Height 75mm, max diameter 26mm. Comes with battery and charger.

Torch care

The case of this torch is raw aluminium, it has not been anodised. This is deliberate to encourage patina, we have seen them rough and scratched from being stored in a bag next to keys and we have seen them super shiny from living in pockets. You can clean with a damp cloth, or even re-finish with abrasive cloth. It is good practice to keep the O ring and thread lightly oiled.


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