Patinated Bronze Beater B3

Patinated Bronze Beater B3


The Beater is an everyday bronze watch stripped of complications. It is designed to be worn without the anxiety of wear because the case is made to age gracefully over time. This is Batch 3 of the Bronze Beater or BBB3.

The case back of the new B3 took 120 hours of work to complete and the 3 hours of laser engraving per piece really shows in the quality of the finished article. These tiny canvases are hidden to the outside world, known only to a select group of owners and collectors.

The new crown, with its exquisite gold nail groove draws your attention to the tiny shining rim on the blue dial. This level of attention to detail is synonymous with the Schofield brand.

One case, two finishes and you can choose. The raw bronze watch case has been blasted with a coarse medium that creates a wonderful, slightly sparkly, finish. This will not last long as these cases are designed for those that want the grease of everyday life to change the character of the metal over time. The patinated variety of the bronze watch case is just the same as the raw but has undergone further treatment. To obtain the stabilised oxide coating we dip the raw bronze into baths of dyes and acids which, after washing the cases are burnished to reveal the raw metal in select places – bezel, sides and the edges of the lugs. The patinated finish is permanent with your own scratches and chemistry adding to the character over time.

The bronze Beater is a bronze watch which is evocative of all that is marine and seaworthy. This is clearly seen in its colours, the inky blue of the ocean’s depths, the bronze synonymous with marine engineering and the elements of light like a night sky, complement one another and form a coherent whole. Patination, whether earned or forced, is a mark of time passed. It is a watch that reflects and represents time with both its tick and colour. It is surely an example of modern treasure.

Powered by a Swiss automatic, STP 1-11, the watch is essentially a two and a half hander featuring our Sign-Of-Life seconds hand. The case is 44mm in diameter with a deep laser engraving on the back. The price shown is with UK VAT, if you are outside of Europe then VAT will be deducted at the checkout.

  • The dials are double blue with a gold perimeter and centre
  • Luminescent numerals and hour markers
  • Hands are brushed bronze with little thorns as counterpoises
  • There is a small line printed on the centre cap – this is the Sign Of Life second hand
  • The Beater is made in small batches and each case is hand-finished, therefore every one is slightly different, a one off
  • The case back is fully engraved with a new isometric and 3D design
  • Your choice of strap
  • It comes with a Murky Earth ceramic coated buckle fitted
  • The box is Osmo finish ash, the queen of English timbers
  • Made in Sussex and England

In stock

  • Case – Patinated
  • Dimensions – 44mm diameter base, 42mm bezel, 14.5mm high
  • Weight – 128 grams with strap
  • Colour – Brown/gold
  • Crown – Double O-ring, pull out, stainless steel, engraved
  • Dial – Double blue with lume
  • Hands – Skeleton Bronze with Super-LumiNova C3 and Sign-Of-Life seconds hand
  • Movement – STP 1-11
  • Power reserve – 44 hours
  • Functions – Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Case back – Stainless steel with complex engraving
  • Crystal – Sapphire
  • Water resistance – 200m
  • Strap – Your choice, shown on the Quadrant leather
  • Strap bars – steel, brushed
  • Buckle – Ceramic coated bead-blasted stainless steel, engraved
  • Serialisation – Made in small batches
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Box – Ash

More information

Generally in the west we consider patination to be akin to dirt, therefore we polish our doorknobs, taps, plaques and ornaments. In the east, especially Japan, patination is looked upon with reverence. It is history, charm, age, grace and humanity. We chemically treat this bronze watch’s case in baths of acid and dye, with Giles’s special concoction to stabilise the finish with a coloured and burnished coating.

As an alternative we offer the case in an untreated raw state. Specifically the bronze watch case has been finished with a coarse medium to increase the surface area encouraging the oxidative process. The grease of everyday life changes the character of the case over time. These cases are kept in airtight bags for as long as possible to slow down the oxidative process between manufacture and delivery, however expect a unique blotching and discolouration to occur.

Size guide

Schofield watch straps are available in two sizes; regular and long.

Medium/average wrists are covered with both sizes.

The regular sized watch straps are 110mm on the non buckle side and 75 on the buckle side. The long straps are 115mm on the non buckle side and 90mm on the buckle side.

If your wrists are less than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest you choose a regular length strap. If your wrists are more than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest a long strap. If your wrists are approximately 19cm in circumference then a longer strap will give more of a tail; most guys opt for a regular sized watch strap with a shorter tail.

Watch care

A note on the Beater characteristics and care: The bronze case will mark and scratch over time, especially around the bezel. This is normal and expected.

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