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It’s long been known to our customers that we revel in customising your case backs to make them uniquely yours. Rather more grandly, if you own or are part of a company who’d like to commission a limited edition run of their own commemorative unique watch design then please get in touch, we are waiting with bated breath. And just in case it was not already obvious: at SWC we have the passion, the know-how and a solid history of delivery above expectations. Further to the statement above, we were chatting to a recent customer who said that he would feel embarrassed asking for custom work. He felt it would be wasting our time on his vanities. Nonsense! Whether it be OEM/white label, a company event or celebration, a watch for a squadron or a mission, a watch for a loved one, living or lost, we are happy to be involved.

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    Signalman Bare Bones Rhodium dial

    Signalman Bare Bones rhodium dial

    The Schofield Signalman Bare Bones project. The plan is to make a limited run of these Bare Bones watches - some have dials plated with different precious metals some have solid German Silver dials. All will be serialised and marked on the case backs with the Rare Things graphic. Schofield branding only appears on the buckles. This watch has a rhodium dial and is limited to 5 watches. A charming quirk and proof of Schofield's watch development is the redundant pusher button in the side of the case for setting the GMT complication in the classic Signalman models. Please email us if you would like more information. This Signalman Bare Bones has a rhodium plated dial, comes on a strap of your choice and in an ash box.