15th September 2017 Schofield
Mr P sig Yellow strap
  • Schofield at SALONQP 2017! Showing many watches and accessories. Get tickets here.
  • Schofield + Cudd at SALONQP 2017! Showing straps and buckles many very limited.
  • Small glitch on the straps@schofieldandcudd.com address recently but fixed now.
  • The Schofield telephone number 01273 494878 is temporarily down as the office ports to VOIP.
  • Bronze Beaters B2s are selling very well with a 50% split between force-patinated and raw finishes.
  • BBB2 have still not made it to the website as we are fulfilling Pips subscribers orders first.
  • We celebrate one year of Toots! coffee by drinking some.
  • The pic of Mr P’s polished Sig on a new Schofield + Cudd yellow strap.