12th May 2017 Schofield
Wedged Pebble on Lancing beach
  • The Markers is a range of watches starting with the Daymark. It will have a brother very soon 🙂
  • Remember if you are an owner of a Schofield watch then you and only you can buy the Strap Kit
  • If you see a strap in any of our media you don’t recognise then take a screen grab and we will identify it for you
  • Schofield made Toots! Original Jazz Coffee is always on hand, it is a better brew than you would expect from a watch company – worth a try
  • Schofield adds Pinterest to the gamut of our social media
  • If you are yet to visit the new website then do it now, it took months and is awesome!
  • The pic is of a wedged pebble in the man-made sea defences of Lancing by Sea