Six Pips


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  • Daymark Box


    A black-stained Ash box with many details such as the gold-foiled paperwork that sits inside the lid. Seen here is ‘Schofield rain’, a repeat pattern made from our beam of light logo. SCHOFIELD WATCHES

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  • Giles Ellis wearing a Daymark


    It is not often we post pics of the team but I was gifted a new pipe and wanted to share it with you. I dislike the stereotypical  combination of whisky, beard, tattoos and at the extreme end of hipster – a pipe. But I like all those things so let’s swap the dram for a Daymark (we are not allowed

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  • Daymark wrist watch


    We can’t take them off, wearing Daymarks wherever we go. It is a killer watch that gets comments when out and about, flashes of pink from the perimeter of a dead flat dial. High contrast hands designed for legibility in all lights, the subtlest of branding – it is obviously Schofield.   SCHOFIELD WATCHES

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  • Carbon fibre watch case


    The Morta case of our Blacklamp carbon watch has a story well-told and one that is far from over. The Blacklamp as a watch is a platform for innovation and allows us to let our hair down, taking the odd design risk. The glowing ring, the jewel in the crown, the carbon fibre matrix, the textures, colours and surfaces come

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  • Michael Morris Ladyfinger knife


    Yesterday I cut an apple with a Ladyfinger. The night before I opened an Asahi and this morning I wait for the post. The bottle top scratches, the apple stains the blade and this is good. Many of you who own a Ladyfinger will appreciate that with the right tool the job becomes a pleasure. The tools of daily life

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  • Jonathan Carroll writing with Schofield Pen


    The first time they went to bed he entered the room and she said, “You’re wearing a different watch.” He glanced at it, as if seeing the black rubber thing on his wrist for the first time. “It’s my night watch,” he said tentatively. “You change watches before going to bed?” “Yes. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of

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  • The Daymark watch


    Pre-ordering a Daymark is super easy. On our website, under watches click on the Daymark then add it to cart and it will process your deposit. You will hear from us shortly after… This way you will be assured of one of the first watches with an early serial number to match 🙂 The Daymark is our new watch with the

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